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Welcome to the Solidarity website. Solidarity, Scotland’s Socialist Movement is a pro-independence socialist party fighting for a fairer society for all. We are an anti-austerity party who say we need defiance and not compliance when it comes to implementing Tory cuts. We are against the punishment of the poor for the mistakes of the rich. Austerity is an ideological attack on the poor and vulnerable in our society and while big businesses are raking in profits, people are going to foodbanks to survive. We say no more attacks on the poor. Stop benefit sanctions and get rid of the completely unfair work capability assessment. > CLICK HERE TO READ MORE


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Tommy Sheridan successfully moved a bill in parliament that ended warrant sales in Scotland. Here Tommy launches Solidarity’s Glasgow campaign for the Scottish elections 2016 by highlighting some key manifesto […]

Solidarity SSM Election Campaign Appeal

Please click on image to take you to the appeal page thankyou Please donate if you can afford even £1 to our Election Campaign Fund, we will stand Candidates in […]

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Solidarity SSM Co-Convener Tommy Sheridan, will give us his alternative ‘Christmas Message’ via RT on Xmas day at 2.30pm, links to the video be displayed here shortly after 2.30 , […]

Tommy Sheridan's Scottish Service Tax Bill means the rich get poorer and the poor get richer

A few words from Tommy

2016 Scottish Elections matter

Welcome to Solidarity. We are an unashamedly socialist party which campaigns passionately for an independent Scotland in order to create a better, fairer, more equal Scotland and a socialist world […]

Young People are our Future

Young People are our Future

Read the aspirations of our young people

A new generation of politically aware young people have emerged and are now actively engaged in Scottish Politics. Here recently joined members, Ryan McNaughton and Dylan Cooney, talk about why […]




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