Solidarity Statement on SERCO’s threat to evict over 300 Asylum Seekers.

Solidarity condemns, absolutely, the decision to evict over 300 Asylum Seekers and demands the Scottish Government, in conjunction with Glasgow City Council, to support the initiative of Mike Dailly of the Govan Law Centre.

This is a situation where no-one in government, or SERCO themselves, is accepting responsibility and one which even the relevant charities cannot address. Charity is therefore, not a solution.

The Home Office gave the contract to SERCO to house Asylum Seekers. SERCO is a multi-national company which, according to reporter Christopher Knaus of the Guardian‘, has an abysmal record in Australia, with allegations of fraud, covering up the abuse of detainees (in their private prisons) and even the mishandling of radioactive waste! They run 11 of Australia’s onshore immigration detention centres and in the UK operate six adult prisons. The infamous Yarl’s Wood immigration detention centre helps manage healthcare facilities and provides critical support services to the military.
There has been a history of allegations ranging from tax evasion to covering up sexual abuse of immigrants in Yarl’s Wood. Also, they were under investigation by the Serious Fraud Office for billing the government for the electronic monitoring of criminals who turned out to be still behind bars or deceased. They paid back £68.5m but were never prosecuted. They are the company which the Westminster government decided would be fit to provide fair treatment and accommodation to Asylum Seekers.

That is the company, Paul Sweeney Labour MP, wrote to asking if an equality impact assessment had been undertaken and asking them to suspend evictions pending a full investigation taking place. Good luck with that one, Paul. Thanks for nothing.

Susan Aitken, Leader of Glasgow City Council, also wrote to Sajid Javid, Home Secretary, who took the Pontius Pilate approach and washed his hands of the affair.

Mike Dailly, Govan Law Centre, has declared that SERCO is proposing to act illegally in evicting the Asylum Seekers. The Scottish Government and Glasgow Council must take note and act as quickly as possible to avoid further distress to people who have already been traumatised in their own countries. And give them the peace, comfort and dignity they deserve.

Solidarity Statement on Donald Trump UK Visit

Solidarity: Scotland’s Socialist Movement calls on the UK Government, even at this late hour, to abandon the invitation to Donald Trump.

There can be no justification for a visit from this deluded individual.

He neither represents decency or diplomacy, which is shown by his deep disregard of humanity.


To extend this visit is to endorse the inhumane treatment of children in deprived areas of the world from Palestine to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is an affront to democracy.


Solidarity calls on the US Administration to show some backbone and reign this megalomaniac terrorist in.

Describing Trump as a terrorist is justified, as he is intent on terrorising the rest of the so-called ‘civilised’ world and is responsible for continuing the suffering of the People of Palestine and children of South Americans fleeing oppression, whether that is physical or financial oppression.

Pat Lee & Jock Penman



Solidarity Statement on SNP Walkout

Statement from Jock Penman, Co-Convener of Solidarity:

The excitement in the Westminster Parliament today, when Ian Blackford was ‘shown the door’ by the Speaker, is pretty much a storm in a teacup. While Blackford was trying, in vain, to use Parliamentary procedures to get a vote on the latest Brexit bill, he was summarily dismissed by the boss in the House of Commons.

The Labour Party MPs sat watching the spectacle like witnesses at a road accident, refusing to step in and help either side. Afterwards their only criticism is of the SNP, while ignoring the real issue of the Westminster government ignoring the Scottish Parliament. They have nothing of any substance, to offer, by way of a radical alternative.

Yes, it is an insult to the Scottish Parliament and, by implication, an insult to the people of Scotland; however, the question now is, ‘What happens now?’. Does the SNP plan to demonstrate their anger with further walkouts, still using the out-dated, undemocratic form of government that exists in Westminster?

Or will they carry out the mandate agreed by the Scottish Parliament and call for another referendum on Scottish Independence. There is now a choice; either carry on in the quagmire of Westminster or concentrate on independence.

Press Officer Craig Duncan

Statement on EU Withdrawal Bill

Press Release 13th June 2018

“Solidarity is disgusted in the way the Tories have dismissed the power of the Scottish government in the debate on 12/06/2018. They have disregarded the devolution agreement, disregarded the entire purpose of a Scottish government and disregarded the views and opinions of the Scottish people. Even those who voted to stay in the UK support the Scottish parliament having a say. The tories have decided to remove that say.

This is not a move that would be allowed to happen in a fair and equal union. This is a power grab by Westminster tories and nothing more.
Solidarity will not stand back and allow the rights of the Scottish parliament to be trampled on by authoritarian dictators.

The Scottish parliament have a mandate to call for a second independence referendum before the end of this parliament. After this showing of disdain for the devolved government, it’s never been more necessary to use that mandate, call for a second independence referendum and get us away from these disgusting practises of the Westminster elite. ”

By Craig Duncan

Press Officer

Solidarity Day School Event 28th April 2018


Day School in celebration of two giants of socialism:

Karl Marx – 5th May 1818 – 200th Anniversary

Karl Marx was the most influential figure in history, analysing and explaining how capitalist society developed and how it works.  A brilliant philosopher and economist, he is universally demonised by those who support the free market of capitalism; which also means the exploitation of workers by those who own and control capital.

Philip Stott will explain some of Marx’s theories in a way that those attending may understand it better; so this will be an extremely important session for those who wish to understand, not only capitalism but socialism too.

James Connolly – 5th June 1868 – 150th Anniversary.

Connolly is also demonised by those who oppose socialism.  Apologists for the British Establishment would have us believe that he was a mad terrorist but he was one of the finest socialists this country has ever produced.  The British Army, under orders from Westminster, tortured him and tied him to a chair so he could be shot for his part in the 1916 Uprising.  He was an inspirational figure who wrote some brilliant pamphlets, books and articles, explaining socialism.

Tommy Sheridan will describe the life and times of a man whose life should be celebrated by all socialists, everywhere.

By Jock Penman




On March 28th 2017 after several days of parliamentary debate, the Scottish Government voted by a majority, in favour of Indyref2.
That mandate was secured on the backs of the grassroots Indy Movement during the 2014 referendum, the 2015 General Election and the 2016 Scottish Parliament election.
Solidarity, many campaign groups and indeed many bloggers and commentators believe that mandate must be used and the date set for IndyRef2 to take place in September 2018 or, at the latest before April 2019.
Some say we must wait till the next Scottish elections and use them as a plebiscite on Independence in the hope there is a pro-indy majority returned. What if there isn’t? What then, after we’ve thrown away the very real and democratic mandate we already have?
Others say we must wait “till the time is right” echoing Mayhem’s position of “now is not the right time.” Since when are we willingly dancing to Wastemonsters tune?
Come along and hear Tommy Sheridan put forward the case to “USE THE MANDATE” Comes To Lanarkshire Branch to Speak On Use The Mandate

Free entry, Everyone Welcome

Refreshments Tea and Coffee Sandwiches ETC