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Please Sign and Share Solidarity Scotland’s Petition to demand the UK Government strongly condemns President Donald Trump’s ignorant, provocative, racist, inflammatory and dangerous tweet where he re-tweeted false information spread by the fascist Britain First. This is not acceptable behavior from any head of state and, we call on the government to cancel the proposed state visit.

Statement On President Trump Tweet

7th December 2017

By blindly repeating the lies of the fascist Britain First, who have constantly spread their bigotry and lies on social media, President Donald Trump has crossed a line. They had posted videos which they (wrongly) stated were examples of Moslems committing atrocities. These videos have been widely discredited after genuine investigation.  He has already proved himself a sexist, racist bumbling oaf many times in his short spell as President and ‘Leader of the Free World’ but this latest outburst on Twitter has gone beyond mere condemnation as far as this party is concerned. As Brendan Cox husband of Jo Cox, the MP brutally murdered by a Britain First supporter, tweeted, “Trump has legitimised the far right in his own country; now he is trying to do it in ours. Spreading hatred has consequences and the President should be ashamed of himself.”

Trump should be condemned by every supporter of human rights and freedom. Freedom does not mean ‘freedom to spread racist and fascist propaganda’ but freedom to live in peace and harmony with our fellow human beings, no matter their/our race, gender or religion.

Solidarity condemns outright Trump’s poisonous messages and offers our solidarity with the Moslem population who have been further endangered by Trump’s irresponsible actions. We demand that the UK government cancel the proposed state visit by this poor excuse of a politician.

Tommy’s Statement on Budget 2017

Tommy Sheridan

“Yet again Malevolent May and her horrible Hammond have re-dedicated themselves to the class war on behalf of the rich and powerful they represent using the brutal weapon of austerity to drive down living standards and drive up despair among millions of ordinary working people and benefit recipients.

They should be ashamed of themselves. Their tax give-aways to their rich friends and corporations represents theft from the public purse and confirms their political immortality. They really are, to borrow from the immortal Aneurin Bevan, ‘Lower than vermin’.”


“If the SNP don’t use the mandate they have, what does that say about Scottish Parliament? What does that say about future mandates from the parliament? The very credibility of Scottish Parliament is on the table now” – Tommy Sheridan – Airdrie, November 2017.

Irene Lang’s Speech – Strike Action

23rd October 2018

I am a Child Development Team Leader who has worked for the Council since 1989. I am a Unison member and was a Unision steward for ten years. I am a founding menber of Solidarity. Solidarity stands shoulder to shoulder with the strikers.

In 1970 as a result of female workers with Ford taking strike action in 1968 over equal paythe Equal Pay Act came into effect. In 2010 this was replaced by the equality Act which states that men and women have the right to equal pay for equal work. This is the law, therefore why do workers within Glasgow City Council in 2018 find themselves having to make the very difficult decision to embark on strike action over equal pay. Workers who are predominately women have been waiting in some cases, mine included twelve long years to receive what is rightfully ours. There is no agrument now that we are entitled to compensation but the difficulty we face is the length of time it is taking for us to receive said compensation. Some workers have sadly passed away while waiting for this money which they are entitled to. It is without a doubt a disgrace.

The Council state that good progress has been made- this is nonsense if this was indeed the case we would not be on strike. The highest Court in Scotland has told the Council to reach settlements with all concerned.

In the last ten months there have been twenty one meetings to no avail. The Council have now walked away from any further negotiations with the Trade Unions while industrial action continues. They  did however indicate that they would continue to meet with Stefan Cross. Thankfully he said that any negotiations will be with all parties concerned or not at all.

It is important to take a few minutes to talk about Stefan Cross and his involvement in the fight for Equal pay within Glasgow. If we rewind twelve years the Trade Unions were not prepared to fight for justice for us in regard to Equal pay. We were told time and time again that we should not pursue our Equal pay claims and that if we did we could potentially be responsible for cuts to services and jobs. Stefan Cross was prepared to fight for us. He then successfully secured substantially more for people who did not take union advice. So if some brave people had not asked Stefan Cross to pursue these claims we would be even further away from getting the justice that we deserve.

Thankfully Unision and the GMB are now working alongside Stefan Cross to secure settlements for all who are entitled to money owed to them,

So where do we go from here ?  well I believe if the Council continue to refuse to meet with GMB, Unison and Stefan Cross that in order to keep the momentum going that we need to increase our industrial action.

For ten years the Labour led council in Glasgow not only refused to negotiate and settle these Equal pay claims they undertook legal actions spending millions in the process fighting these claims.

At the Unision AGM in Febuary Susan Aitken, now the SNP leader of Glasgow City Council,  attended a Hustings alongside representatives  from the Labour Party, the Tory Party and The Green Party.  Susan you stated that if we elected a SNP Council that you would make a commitment to settle all Equal pay claims. Well Susan as I said we have been more than patient and it is time to honour the commitment that you made at the Hustings at the AGM in 2017.

Just to reiterate none of us want to be out on strike but we have no alternative as I think we have been more than patient.

Times are hard financially for all and no one can afford to lose any of our hard earned wages. However in my opinion we can not afford not to make this stance and try to persuade the council to finally sort out this mess.

Irene Lang

Jenny Kiernan’s Speech – Strike Action

23rd October 2018

I work in further education and I was striking with you in support of you getting equal pay, it’s an absolute disgrace on how long this has been taking for us women to get equal pay considering the Equal Pay Act of 1970 and later the Equality Act 2010 what is the purpose of this legislation if its not enforced?  Why has there been 21 meetings with the Council over the past 10 months and no progress has been made? What are they doing? Why are you being made to feel guilty for striking?  Why are you being made to feel guilty because services won’t be running at full capacity for the next two days?

Pay up Glasgow City Council that’s all that women want!

As I have said I work in further education as a Community Development Worker and we have our own problems there as we are only offered either sessional contracts or if you’re lucky a 17.5 hour contract which I have, I do have a high hourly rate of pay but in comparison to a 40 hour minimum wage job it’s the same in wages more or less so because of the higher hourly rate of pay I don’t qualify for certain benefits as the minimum wage job worker would receive like help with school dinners or help with paying for a school uniform (which isn’t cheap let’s face it) but do you know what as a hard working single parent I am……

I’m sick and tired of being skint,

I’m sick and tired of struggling,

I’m sick and tired of not being able to afford fresh, healthy nutritious food for my kid and me,

I’m sick and tired of the rising cost of living,

I’m sick and tired at the rising cost of transport,

I’m sick and tired of telling my kid “I can’t afford that” when she brings yet another letter home from school of them asking for money for some trip etc.

I’m sick and tired of saying no to friends because I can’t afford the bus fare over to see them or nights out with them (nights out? What’s that?)

I’m sick and tired of another pair of shoes bursting because they are cheaply made as that’s all I can afford,

I’m sick and tired of walking 7 miles a day to work and back to save money so that I can treat my daughter at the weekend with something-not much but something,

I’m sick and tired of not being able to afford new clothes as the ones I own don’t fit properly anymore,

I’m sick and tired of people on Facebook attacking women telling us that it is wrong to strike (mostly men),

I’m sick and tired of Politicians/Councillors lying and lining their own pockets and not helping the most people in need in this country,

I’m sick and tired of seeing people sleeping homeless on our streets,

I’m sick and tired of the ever-rising issue of mental health problems with our young people due to poverty and the implementation of the cuts to our social services,

I’m sick and tired seeing the older generation struggle with life even after years and years of paying their dues to society.

It is wrong and people must start fighting back!


Jenny Kiernan 

Solidarity Statement on Donald Trump UK Visit

Solidarity: Scotland’s Socialist Movement calls on the UK Government, even at this late hour, to abandon the invitation to Donald Trump.

There can be no justification for a visit from this deluded individual.

He neither represents decency or diplomacy, which is shown by his deep disregard of humanity.


To extend this visit is to endorse the inhumane treatment of children in deprived areas of the world from Palestine to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is an affront to democracy.


Solidarity calls on the US Administration to show some backbone and reign this megalomaniac terrorist in.

Describing Trump as a terrorist is justified, as he is intent on terrorising the rest of the so-called ‘civilised’ world and is responsible for continuing the suffering of the People of Palestine and children of South Americans fleeing oppression, whether that is physical or financial oppression.

Pat Lee & Jock Penman



Solidarity Statement on SNP Walkout

Statement from Jock Penman, Co-Convener of Solidarity:

The excitement in the Westminster Parliament today, when Ian Blackford was ‘shown the door’ by the Speaker, is pretty much a storm in a teacup. While Blackford was trying, in vain, to use Parliamentary procedures to get a vote on the latest Brexit bill, he was summarily dismissed by the boss in the House of Commons.

The Labour Party MPs sat watching the spectacle like witnesses at a road accident, refusing to step in and help either side. Afterwards their only criticism is of the SNP, while ignoring the real issue of the Westminster government ignoring the Scottish Parliament. They have nothing of any substance, to offer, by way of a radical alternative.

Yes, it is an insult to the Scottish Parliament and, by implication, an insult to the people of Scotland; however, the question now is, ‘What happens now?’. Does the SNP plan to demonstrate their anger with further walkouts, still using the out-dated, undemocratic form of government that exists in Westminster?

Or will they carry out the mandate agreed by the Scottish Parliament and call for another referendum on Scottish Independence. There is now a choice; either carry on in the quagmire of Westminster or concentrate on independence.

Press Officer Craig Duncan

Statement on EU Withdrawal Bill

Press Release 13th June 2018

“Solidarity is disgusted in the way the Tories have dismissed the power of the Scottish government in the debate on 12/06/2018. They have disregarded the devolution agreement, disregarded the entire purpose of a Scottish government and disregarded the views and opinions of the Scottish people. Even those who voted to stay in the UK support the Scottish parliament having a say. The tories have decided to remove that say.

This is not a move that would be allowed to happen in a fair and equal union. This is a power grab by Westminster tories and nothing more.
Solidarity will not stand back and allow the rights of the Scottish parliament to be trampled on by authoritarian dictators.

The Scottish parliament have a mandate to call for a second independence referendum before the end of this parliament. After this showing of disdain for the devolved government, it’s never been more necessary to use that mandate, call for a second independence referendum and get us away from these disgusting practises of the Westminster elite. ”

By Craig Duncan

Press Officer

Solidarity Day School Event 28th April 2018


Day School in celebration of two giants of socialism:

Karl Marx – 5th May 1818 – 200th Anniversary

Karl Marx was the most influential figure in history, analysing and explaining how capitalist society developed and how it works.  A brilliant philosopher and economist, he is universally demonised by those who support the free market of capitalism; which also means the exploitation of workers by those who own and control capital.

Philip Stott will explain some of Marx’s theories in a way that those attending may understand it better; so this will be an extremely important session for those who wish to understand, not only capitalism but socialism too.

James Connolly – 5th June 1868 – 150th Anniversary.

Connolly is also demonised by those who oppose socialism.  Apologists for the British Establishment would have us believe that he was a mad terrorist but he was one of the finest socialists this country has ever produced.  The British Army, under orders from Westminster, tortured him and tied him to a chair so he could be shot for his part in the 1916 Uprising.  He was an inspirational figure who wrote some brilliant pamphlets, books and articles, explaining socialism.

Tommy Sheridan will describe the life and times of a man whose life should be celebrated by all socialists, everywhere.

By Jock Penman