Gail Sheridan confirms that she will be Tommy’s Campaign Manager.

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12107183_10153935457611095_5282679477778388083_nHello everyone I don’t normally post on Facebook (I think that is the terminology) but I am having to learn fast how to use this and Twitter as I am managing my husband Tommy’s campaign for re-election to the Scottish Parliament this May. I am managing his campaign and supporting him because I know he can do the job of representing people and fighting the cause of independence very well. Some will say I am biased. They are entitled to their opinion. The truth is in terms of talent, experience and commitment Tommy will be as good a representative for Glasgow than anyone. His drive, energy and speaking abilities are second to none.

However we still have to convince at least 6 in every 100 voters across Glasgow to give him their 2nd vote. Quite frankly if he doesn’t get that level of support he will no longer be involved in politics. For decades now people call, txt, email, write to or visit Tommy at our home looking for his help. He has not been an elected politician for 9 years but people still come to him. He offers advice but is largely powerless without political office. Well now he needs your help. He needs your 2nd vote in May and your time and support over the next 4 months. He won’t like how frank I am being in this message but tough. I’m fed up with the amount of time, energy and support people demand from him and how that diverts him from spending time with us, Gabrielle and me. Well if you want him to continue fighting all the causes he is capable of fighting then give him your support. Pledge your 2nd vote and some of your time and energy.

I may not have his talent for words and I am certainly not diplomatic the way he is. But if less than 6 out of every 100 voters in Glasgow can’t be bothered voting for him the message will be clear. He is not valued enough and we will demand he comes home to us permanently. Some want him to give up politics anyway. Well I will be demanding it if he fails to generate the 6% support required in Glasgow. Don’t get me wrong I will fight hard on his behalf but at the end of the day if the people of Glasgow don’t want him that’s fine. We do.

So if you can and want to help please send a private message to me. I aim to work alongside his party and supporters in the coming weeks to get him around all the Glasgow schemes and communities. I reckon he deserves your support and when people listen to him they will be convinced to pledge their votes. Its a helluva fight but I was born in Govan and raised by a wonderful mum and ship worker dad. I am up for this fight. I may not have degrees in politics or like long political debates but I know from my own life experience that Tommy will not let my city or my class down. Sorry this is so long but I feel passionate about this issue. Thanks to those who have read it.

Gail Sheridan (17/1/2016)

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