HMS Britain is Sinking – Launch Scottish Independence Lifeboat Urgently

The British Union is near to extinction. It hangs by a thread and within three weeks of a very uncertain year I state with confidence the exploitative entity called the UK will not survive 2021.

Britain is in the process of disintegration. The Union Jack flag of imperial domination, referred to as the ‘Butcher’s Apron’ by millions who have suffered from the colonial rule, brutality, spilt blood, and resources theft, which is its trademark, will celebrate the demise of the once colossal power which used to own and control two thirds of the earth’s surface. Events today and over recent days lend succour to my position.

Only four days ago Ben Bradshaw, a senior Labour MP and sworn unionist who served in the cabinets of both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown made a truly remarkable statement during an interview with a German newspaper German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel:

“It is completely unsustainable that the government in London denies the Scots the right to self-determination.

“The political class in England – and this includes my own party – must very quickly recognise the Scots’ right to self-determination.

“Scotland will become independent. For me that is 100% certain”.

Bradshaw gave an example of his own family members in Scotland who in 2014 were on the side of the unionists but now are firmly in the camp of Scottish independence.

Independence Clear and Present Danger to British Unionists

Just three days ago the former Tory Prime Minister Theresa May used the House of Commons debate on International Trade to sneak in the issue which now clearly occupies the minds of the British unionist establishment:

“I want to mention one issue, which is a clear and present danger to global Britain, and that is the breakup of the United Kingdom.

We’ve talked in this chamber often about Scotland and how important being part of the UK is to the Scottish economy, the reality is: England needs the rest of the UK as well.

The United Kingdom has a seat on the Security Council of the United Nations. I doubt that England would have a seat on the Security Council of the United Nations, ….”

There you have in black and white the admission and reality that Britain without Scotland would be so reduced in global terms it would lose its seat on the United Nations Security Council and would no longer be considered a global power. The fact is, despite the false and misleading unionist narratives, England needs Scotland much more than Scotland needs Britain.

Boris Bungles and Botches While His Party in Scotland Collapses

The other day while speaking at a remote session of the Westminster Liaison Committee bumbling Boris Johnson displayed the dismissive attitude and out of touch traits of a latter day Chemical Ali as he sought to deny the reality of Tory support crumbling in Scotland and the demand for independence gathering unstoppable momentum. He tried to defend the indefensible with empty quips about the 2014 referendum being a ‘once in a generation’ vote despite such a phrase or meaning never appearing in any written agreements or legally binding texts. Johnson had referred to the December 2019 general election as ‘a once in a generation’ election but there will be another in 2024.

Johnson’s amateur theatrics and head in the sand stance, alongside the recent comments of prominent unionists like Ben Bradshaw and Theresa May are brought into sharp focus by the staggering opinion poll revealed on Thursday. The first major poll of 2021 finds support for independence remains as high as 57% and this poll amounts to the 18th in succession, an astonishing fact, which shows the Scottish people want their country to be an independent nation once again.

SNP Heading for Huge Electoral Triumph According to 18 Successive Polls

Reinforcing the results of the December 2020 poll by the same company and all seventeen previous polls by various polling organisations the political party support heading into the May Scottish Parliament elections is a stark and unmistakeable message. The SNP, the party of independence, is in line for a stunning victory and an outright parliament majority on the constituency vote alone. The poll predicts the SNP will hold 71 seats while the Tories will lose 14 and be reduced to 17, Labour will lose 3 and be reduced to 21 and the pro-independence Greens will gain 5 and rise to 11 seats. The SNP outright majority will be 13 but on independence issues the majority will be 35 with Green support.

These results will be even more significant if a viable independence supporting alternative party or grouping able to appeal to SNP voters to give them their 2nd votes can be established. The Greens support for the controversial Gender Recognition Act and reluctance to support grassroots independence campaigns means they are unlikely to attract more than a few percent of SNP 2nd votes. However, a credible organisation declaring for independence as a priority could not only attract significant votes from SNP 1st supporters, it could actually attract enough votes to decimate the number of unionists elected and become the official opposition in the Scottish parliament tasked with ensuring SNP leadership delays in pursuing Scottish independence are not tolerated.

Alex Salmond Led Party Could Become 2nd Biggest in Holyrood

The exciting Action For Independence (AFI) initiative appears destined to be blocked by the unionist Electoral Commission which is determined to prevent sensible tactical voting in May that could evict so many useless and unproductive unionists. But a new party seeking only 2nd votes led by former First Minister Alex Salmond could sweep up independence supporting 2nd votes and form an official opposition in Holyrood with the sole focus of achieving independence. No more delays, detours, or prevarications. A parliamentary grouping devoted to deciding how and when we secure our independence would focus minds and remove forever the futile and subservient tactic of seeking permission from Westminster to consult the Scottish people about leaving Westminster.

Permission to secure self-determination is not required. It is an inalienable right and only the democratically elected Scottish Parliament reflecting the sovereignty of the Scottish people should decide how that right is empowered. I hope Alex Salmond decides to pursue such an electoral project in time to be included on the May regional list ballot papers across Scotland.

Independence is Key to Covid19 Recovery in Scotland

Even when issues like the economy and health dominate Scottish political agenda in the unionist parties are miles behind in the polls.

Fighting Covid19, ensuring proper care and attention is afforded to those affected and addressing the dire economic prospects facing many because of the pandemic are the immediate priorities facing Scotland but like an umbilical cord all these problems and challenges are connected and require independence to adequately deal with them.

Building a new and caring Scotland which properly values her NHS as a service and the dedicated staff, the essential carers and all key workers who have seen us through this crisis will not be possible while chained to the Westminster ship of greed, corruption, British bulldog chauvinism and sense of entitlement. That ship is fatally damaged and in the process of sinking. The Scottish lifeboat of independence must be launched urgently and without permission from the HMS Britannia captains and flunkeys intoxicated with their own self-importance and avarice.

This article holds the views of the author and not neccessarily the views of Solidarity as a party
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