“I am out, I’m leaving” – Brilliant News from Lord ‘Self-Seeking’ Sugar

Good Morning Britain on ITV rarely inspires me to smile. The sound of pompous Piers Morgan pontificate endlessly about the only topic which interests him, namely himself, spoils your morning and can cause grumpiness to infect your day. Sadly the memory function on our telly means the cost of watching anything on STV the night before is his bullying ‘baw’ face beaming from the screen when you switch on for some news with your breakfast in the morning.

Before I could rescue the remote control from Gail’s gentle hand last week to remove the egotistical and vainglorious buffoon from my kitchen I heard one of his equally self-absorbed and conceited mates, Lord Alan ‘Smug’ Sugar, state with the conviction of a deluded self-important narcissist his intention to “leave this country” if Jeremy Corbyn is elected Prime Minister. “I am out, I’m leaving, I will leave this country” he repeated, oblivious to the millions of cheers he inspired in households that had similarly stumbled upon his interview.

Leave aside for the moment his “this country” ignorance. Britain isn’t a country Mr Sugar. It is a union of countries which includes England, Scotland and Wales. However I don’t want to undermine his commitment in any way. I accept he meant England. That he would leave England. I’m happy with that. So, I suspect, will millions of others pissed off with this guys’ ignorant racism, boorish sexism and snobbish belittlement of anyone not a multi-millionaire like him.

Alan Sugar is in truth the ‘useful idiot’ poster boy of free market capitalism and its wealthy acolytes. Never mind the grotesque inequality, longer and longer hours, reduced public services, ripped social fabric and ‘dog eat dog- me myself I’ mind-set caused by capitalism’s private ownership of the means of production you too can become a millionaire ‘if you just work harder and accept more shit’ is the fantastic dream peddled shamelessly by the Mainstream Media on a daily basis as it defends and props up the status quo.

I remember hearing it over and over again when I was a boy that so and so the millionaire was ‘self-made’ and therefore beyond reproach and not like the other ones who were born into wealth and privilege. They ‘worked hard’ to get where they are. It’s not all about inherited privilege and wealth. This free market capitalist system is actually a meritocracy and rewards hard work and endeavour. It is a fair system.

Then I would think about my dad on early morning starts walking the 3 miles from our tenement in Pollok to his Hillington Rolls Royce factory every morning to work in the storeroom. He and thousands of engineers, draughtsmen, cleaners and managers who ‘worked hard’ but never seemed to make the grade as millionaires. Sure my dad turned down overtime shifts because he believed instead of offering overtime the company should take on more full time staff. He then started managing the local football team as an unpaid volunteer alongside scores of other ‘hard working’ men and women who just wanted to make our community a better place with opportunities for local kids.

When my dad passed away a couple of years ago he left behind a legacy of three balanced children with assorted skills and qualifications. His volunteer football work had opened the door to scores of young men to step up to the grade of professional footballers and managers. But he hadn’t made the grade as a millionaire. Was he lazy, unlucky or just not a hard enough worker? No he was far from lazy, lucky to have a great family and worked just as hard as most working class mums and dads. Not becoming that millionaire is not a personal failing it is a systemic failure of a system which promotes the cost of everything but the value of nothing.

Lord ‘Self-Obsessed’ Sugar may have millions in the bank but his values account is empty. He looks down his nose at qualified teachers, trained firefighters, dedicated nurses, office cleaners and others and refers to them as ‘losers’ and ‘jealous non-achievers’ for the crime of joining the Labour Party in England and supporting Jeremy Corbyn. Sugar was a Hackney market trader who made it big in the world of sales and was prepared to sell his proverbial granny to succeed. He loved Margaret Thatcher and was prepared to forget his working class roots to embrace the Conservatives and their vicious anti-working class policies which caused mass poverty, despair and division. He donated thousands of pounds to the Tories. He also supported John Major. But in true principle barren fashion he soon dropped his Tory infatuation for love of Tony Blair after he was elected PM in 1997.

From being a “tremendous supporter” of Margaret Thatcher https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/lord-alan-sugar-jeremy-corbyn-labour-leave-country-gmb-the-apprentice-a8685171.html in the 1980’s pithless Sugar embraced Tony Blair and even joined the Labour Party. From Thatcherite True Blue to Blairite Apostle in the blink of an eye! That says as much about Sugar as it does about Blair’s New Labour Party. Of course the allegiance to war monger Blair and donations of hundreds of thousands of pounds was purely driven by sincerely held principles and had nothing to do with the promise of a peerage. That ‘accolade’ was a mere coincidence bestowed on him in 2009 allowing him to swan about in his taxpayer funded red ermine robe and be called a Lord with the type of life peerage that only good money can buy. No wonder I despise that place and demand its abolition. More will follow on that topic in a future column.

Mr Sugar utilises his Twitter account to espouse his casual racism, overt sexism and fundamental ignorance https://www.digitalspy.com/showbiz/a862872/the-apprentice-lord-alan-sugar-twitter-sexist-tweet/ yet he still receives public money from the BBC to front the blood curdling ‘The Apprentice’ show and whenever he decides to clock in at the Lords for his £300 daily allowance. The guy is a brash loudmouth who abandoned Labour under Ed Miliband and branded him, without a hint of irony, an “idiot” and now attacks ordinary Labour Party members and basic democracy:

Hah democratic election. “Hi losers I know you cant stand people who seem better off from by being successful and you have achieved nothing in your life so for £3 you can join the labour party and vote in the anarchist Marxists Corbyn. First thing we will do is buy him a suit https://t.co/XPpjyylnfg

Yes they had more 
members as the idiot Ed Milleband made Labour nembership fee £3 . This attached all the jealous non achievers


Forget the spelling, grammar and sentence construction errors for a moment (has the former computer salesman forget to activate his spellcheck?) concentrate on the condescending and patronising dismissal of critics as “losers” and “jealous non achievers”. This guy will never suffer from any bowel related medical problems because he is undoubtedly a perfect arsehole.

Ordinary Labour member victims of his insults have offered even better ripostes on Twitter:

Thank you Sugar, because of your utter contempt for the poor who you believe are jealous of your wealth I shall for the 1st time ever join  @UKLabour it seems us poor people should stick together and destroy the elite!! https://t.co/nH9r3khwXG



Replying to @Lord_Sugar

Pretty bold to call the party with more members than the rest combined and 42% of the electorate ready to vote for them “anti enterprise” or anarchist. I’m a small business owner. I support Labour as I beleive in social justice. It’s not the jump you make it sound like, Sugar.

9:58 PM – 14 Dec 2018


The list of “jealous non achievers” Silky Sugar refers to would include the hundreds of thousands of teachers, social workers, nurses, fire fighters and other public service workers and ordinary citizens who have joined Corbyn’s Labour Party because it appears to be committed to real social justice and attacking the grotesque inequalities of wealth and power which scar society. Sugar and his millionaire elite don’t fancy a political party in power committed to fair taxation, public ownership and improved workers’ rights. That’s why they denigrate him at every opportunity.

This is a man who stooped lower than a sewer rat to Tweet a Photoshopped picture of Corbyn in a car alongside Adolf Hitler. A man who has spent his life verbally and physically opposing anti-Semitism and racism in all its forms is depicted as a friend of Hitler by this ignoramus. Under pressure he deleted the picture but showed no contrition:

pi.. off enjoy life with @jeremycorbyn I reluctantly took that picture down , but you know what they say “many a true word spoken in jest” https://bit.ly/2A2Hvnp 


Well Mr Moneybags Sugar I will be voting for a party at the next general election committed to Scottish independence and cutting off political ties with a system that allows a democratic carbuncle like the place you bought your seat in to exist. Sadly that is not Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party because it persists in denying the right of self-determination to my nation however I urge any English citizen with a fibre of social justice in their blood and an ounce of courage in their body to vote for Jeremy Corbyn and his radical programme of wealth and power redistribution.

I hope with all my heart that Jeremy Corbyn does become the next Prime Minister and you are forced to keep your word and piss off to some tax haven province that will welcome you with open arms. I will gladly contribute to any crowd funder established to raise the taxi fare to the airport.

You should be ashamed of your casual racism, your overt sexism and your belittling denigration of ordinary working class members of the Labour Party. But your recent Photoshopping of a man with an impeccable record in fighting fascists and racists alongside a picture of the despicable Adolf Hitler illustrates just how low you are prepared to stoop as an individual. You are a disgrace Mr Sugar and the sooner you “leave the country” the better for everyone who adheres to basic social justice and equality. You constantly bleat about paying your taxes. Big bloody deal. Millions of workers pay theirs every single week at a higher proportion of their income than you and your millionaire chums. Don’t forget to pack your mirror when you leave. I doubt you could survive without it.


Tommy Sheridan 

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