I’m Chris Williamson. I’m Jeremy Corbyn

It is more necessary than ever for socialists inside and outside the Labour Party, anti-racist campaigners and everyone who believes in equality and natural justice to loudly and prominently associate themselves either politically and morally, or at least morally, with Jeremy Corbyn MP and Chris Williamson MP. Both are now the targets of a vicious, virulent, carefully manufactured and cynically coordinated witch-hunt. The witch-hunt is focused on them as individuals but the real target is their anti-British Establishment ideas and the fact they pose a very real threat to the billionaire tax dodgers, media owners and warmongers who cause and flourish in needless poverty, grotesque inequality and scapegoating of the poor and refugees.

Make no mistake those throwing the toxic accusations of anti-Semitism at Corbyn and Williamson and those willing to give the baseless slurs exposure and credibility are wilfully involved in a cynical concerted conspiracy to destroy two good men whose only political crimes have been to consistently fight racism, inequality and anti-Semitism as an integral part of their socialist philosophies all of their adult lives.

Williamson was cleared of anti-Semitic behaviour after a prolonged and detailed semi-judicious and independent enquiry. Then one of the participants was disgracefully bullied into the incredulous claim that he was unable to adjudicate properly as he was ‘under medication’ at the relevant time. What utter tosh. Williamson was targeted for exposing the State funded and Israel assisted ‘Integrity Initiative’ established to consciously undermine the elected opposition in the United Kingdom and daring to utter what every other socialist inside and outside the Labour Party had already colluded – that Labour had given far too much ground to the bully Blairites within the powerful ‘Friends of Israel’ caucus, a well-organised and funded ‘party within a party’ inside the Labour Party. Bullies given an inch inevitably demand a mile. They are not defeated by weakness and retreat. They have to be confronted and faced down.

The guy was cleared then re-suspended within a matter of days such is the power of the pro-Israel lobby within Labour and the British media. Williamson is no anti-Semite but he is an anti-capitalist, he is anti-war and he is anti-inequality. That is why he has been attacked and abused so virulently over the past few months. He is a rare politician in today’s political world. He actually means what he says and believes in what he promotes. He is not for sale to the highest bidder with their tarnished and well used cheque-books, unlike his pathetic detractors.

For those of you who appreciate some evidence and context before condemning anyone in life please watch the 2009 Channel 4 documentary entitled ‘Inside Britain’s Israel Lobby’ and/or read the pamphlet that was written to accompany the documentary by political journalist Peter Oborne and film-maker James Jones:

Making criticisms of Israel can give rise to accusations of anti-Semitism – a charge which any decent or reasonable person would assiduously seek to avoid. Furthermore, most British newspaper groups – for example News International, Telegraph newspapers and the Express group – have tended to take a pro-Israel line and have not always been an hospitable environment for those taking a critical look at Israeli foreign policy and influence. Finally, media critics of Israel foreign policy – as we will vividly demonstrate in this pamphlet – can open themselves up to coordinated campaigns and denunciationwww.opendemocracy.net/ourkingdom/peter-osborne-james-jones/pro-israel-lobby-in-britain-full-text.

The most recent vicious attack on Jeremy Corbyn by Tory leadership candidate Jeremy Hunt is so contemptible and odious that it really should be the final straw for all those not yet decided or willing to take a side in this massive and malicious character assassination by media and the big business proponents. Hunt is a despised former Health Minister and a disgraced current Foreign Minister whose personal fortune and property portfolio makes him a multi-millionaire completely out of touch with ordinary citizens across the United Kingdom. Both he and the other candidate for the job are public school boy louts with complete disregard for the pain and suffering their austerity policies have caused and continue to cause.

The other day he gave an extended interview to ‘Jewish News’ in which he displayed is complete absence of ethical standards and the moral standing of a sewer rat:

When I went to Auschwitz I rather complacently said to myself, ‘thank goodness we don’t have to worry about that kind of thing happening in the UK’ and now I find myself faced with the leader of the Labour Party who has opened the door to antisemitism in a way that is truly frighteninghttps://jewishnews.timesofisrael.com/exclusive-jeremy-hunt-accuses-corbyn-of-deeply-held-prejudices-against-jews/.

Is there no depth this sordid individual will not stoop to in pursuit of leadership of the Tory Party and temporary charge of the UK? To conjure up the horrific suffering and utterly grotesque loss of life and torture imposed on the Jews sent to Auschwitz to try and score a cheap political point should not only disqualify this article as Prime Ministerial material but completely embarrass those within Labour and without who have been prepared to cheerlead and stoke the baseless anti-Semitism campaign against Jeremy Corbyn. Here is one of their allies in crime willing to evoke the imagery and memory of the intolerable suffering at Auschwitz to attack Corbyn. It is not just pathetic it is criminal, libellous and revolting.

Ask yourself the question – whose side are you on? The loathsome Hunt or the incorruptible Corbyn?

In the next few months there will hopefully be a General Election so the people can decide who is Prime Minister of the UK not a bunch of signed up members to the self-proclaimed ‘Nasty Party’ (the description used by Theresa May MP herself https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2002/oct/08/uk.conservatives2002). In that election I will not vote Labour because I am committed to an independent Scotland and believe the route to an independent socialist republic will be through Scottish independence and the break-up of Britain, the cruellest of all the Empires in history. However, I will loudly, proudly and without fear of contradiction defend both Jeremy Corbyn and Chris Williamson from fabricated accusations of anti-Semitism.

The undoubtedly racist, riddled with Islamophobia and most troubled with anti-Semitism of political parties in the UK are the Tories, UKIP and Brexit Parties not the Labour Party.

The classic film ‘Spartacus’ inspired the title for this column. If you have not seen it, please do yourself a favour and watch it soon. Be inspired and uplifted by a story based on actual events. The “I’m Spartacus’ scene was fictional but the story of courage, integrity and human solidarity in the face of awesome foes and certain death was based on historical records.

My concluding comradely advice to socialists in the Labour Party is derived from a much less fact based drama but a worthwhile film nonetheless, ‘Gladiator’ (2000). Maximus Decimus Meridius issues timely and wise advice twice during the film. First on the commencement of battle as Commander of his Roman Legion in the first epic scene of the film and then again as he is forced as a slave gladiator to fight for his life alongside other slaves against much bigger and better equipped foes. His advice was ‘Hold The Line’.

Hold the line comrades. That is what you must do now in the face of treachery from within and vitriolic lies and abuse from without. Jeremy Corbyn and Chris Williamson threaten the privileges and wealth of the rich and powerful. Did you think they would agree to more fairly share their wealth without a dirty fight beforehand?

This article was written by our Political Adviser,  Tommy Sheridan and does not necessarily reflect the viewpoint or policy of Solidarity as a whole

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