Jenny Kiernan’s Speech – Strike Action

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23rd October 2018

I work in further education and I was striking with you in support of you getting equal pay, it’s an absolute disgrace on how long this has been taking for us women to get equal pay considering the Equal Pay Act of 1970 and later the Equality Act 2010 what is the purpose of this legislation if its not enforced?  Why has there been 21 meetings with the Council over the past 10 months and no progress has been made? What are they doing? Why are you being made to feel guilty for striking?  Why are you being made to feel guilty because services won’t be running at full capacity for the next two days?

Pay up Glasgow City Council that’s all that women want!

As I have said I work in further education as a Community Development Worker and we have our own problems there as we are only offered either sessional contracts or if you’re lucky a 17.5 hour contract which I have, I do have a high hourly rate of pay but in comparison to a 40 hour minimum wage job it’s the same in wages more or less so because of the higher hourly rate of pay I don’t qualify for certain benefits as the minimum wage job worker would receive like help with school dinners or help with paying for a school uniform (which isn’t cheap let’s face it) but do you know what as a hard working single parent I am……

I’m sick and tired of being skint,

I’m sick and tired of struggling,

I’m sick and tired of not being able to afford fresh, healthy nutritious food for my kid and me,

I’m sick and tired of the rising cost of living,

I’m sick and tired at the rising cost of transport,

I’m sick and tired of telling my kid “I can’t afford that” when she brings yet another letter home from school of them asking for money for some trip etc.

I’m sick and tired of saying no to friends because I can’t afford the bus fare over to see them or nights out with them (nights out? What’s that?)

I’m sick and tired of another pair of shoes bursting because they are cheaply made as that’s all I can afford,

I’m sick and tired of walking 7 miles a day to work and back to save money so that I can treat my daughter at the weekend with something-not much but something,

I’m sick and tired of not being able to afford new clothes as the ones I own don’t fit properly anymore,

I’m sick and tired of people on Facebook attacking women telling us that it is wrong to strike (mostly men),

I’m sick and tired of Politicians/Councillors lying and lining their own pockets and not helping the most people in need in this country,

I’m sick and tired of seeing people sleeping homeless on our streets,

I’m sick and tired of the ever-rising issue of mental health problems with our young people due to poverty and the implementation of the cuts to our social services,

I’m sick and tired seeing the older generation struggle with life even after years and years of paying their dues to society.

It is wrong and people must start fighting back!


Jenny Kiernan 

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