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21st September 2020


Subject: Solidarity Decision: Alliance For Independence

After initial discussions in January this year and several meetings and deliberations over many months, the Solidarity National Executive Committee (NEC) met on Sunday 13th September 2020 and Saturday 19th September 2020, to discuss and unanimously endorse the attached statement concerning joining the Alliance For Independence project designed to maximise the pro-independence second votes at next year’s Scottish Parliament elections.

Solidarity secured the largest socialist vote in 2016 with 14,333 votes recorded for our radical socialist and independence agenda. Joining the AFI Project means standing under that single-issue banner, while being free to pursue and promote our wider socialist manifesto. Given the vital importance of the election next May, the most important since the re-formation of the Scottish Parliament in 1999, maximising the independence vote, particularly in the List section, is absolutely imperative.

As the attached information note illustrates, in 2016 almost one million second votes were cast for the SNP and they secured only 4 List seats in two of the eight List Electoral regions. Those second votes for the SNP were not just wasted votes, they actually assisted the election of unionists, who daily talk down Scotland and deny Scottish citizens the democratic right to a second independence referendum, despite the five democratic mandates the SNP have won since 2014.

Solidarity will be invited to nominate candidates to stand under the AFI Banner next year and we hope to secure prominent placings in several of the eight electoral list areas. In the interests of maximising the YES vote across Scotland the NEC believes this is the right decision and we have encouraged other small pro-independence parties to follow our example. Hopefully, they will do so soon.

As we approach the elections next year I would ask that you examine your own financial contributions to Solidarity and, if possible, either increase your regular membership dues or make a one-off electoral donation to allow us to establish a much needed Election Fighting Fund to purchase publicity materials.

If physical meetings remain difficult to convene under the Covid19 restrictions, I would encourage you to consider remote meetings to maintain contact and political discussions during these difficult times.

The case for an independent socialist Scotland has never been more important or relevant.

In Solidarity

Tommy Sheridan


This article holds the views of the author and not neccessarily the views of Solidarity as a party
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