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On March 28th 2017 after several days of parliamentary debate, the Scottish Government voted by a majority, in favour of Indyref2.
That mandate was secured on the backs of the grassroots Indy Movement during the 2014 referendum, the 2015 General Election and the 2016 Scottish Parliament election.
Solidarity, many campaign groups and indeed many bloggers and commentators believe that mandate must be used and the date set for IndyRef2 to take place in September 2018 or, at the latest before April 2019.
Some say we must wait till the next Scottish elections and use them as a plebiscite on Independence in the hope there is a pro-indy majority returned. What if there isn't? What then, after we've thrown away the very real and democratic mandate we already have?
Others say we must wait "till the time is right" echoing Mayhem's position of "now is not the right time." Since when are we willingly dancing to Wastemonsters tune?
Come along and hear Tommy Sheridan put forward the case to "USE THE MANDATE" Comes To Lanarkshire Branch to Speak On Use The Mandate

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Tommy's Statement on Budget 2017

"Yet again Malevolent May and her horrible Hammond have re-dedicated themselves to the class war on behalf of the rich and powerful they represent using the brutal weapon of austerity to drive down living standards and drive up despair among millions of ordinary working people and benefit recipients.

They should be ashamed of themselves. Their tax give-aways to their rich friends and corporations represents theft from the public purse and confirms their political immortality. They really are, to borrow from the immortal Aneurin Bevan, 'Lower than vermin'."


"If the SNP don't use the mandate they have, what does that say about Scottish Parliament? What does that say about future mandates from the parliament? The very credibility of Scottish Parliament is on the table now" - Tommy Sheridan - Airdrie, November 2017.