Press Release: PUBLIC MEETING: “Who Shot Willie MacRae”

11th March 2019

Solidarity will be holding a Public Meeting, which will be discussing the circumstances surrounding the mysterious death of Willie MacRae; solicitor, SNP activist and opponent to the dumping of nuclear waste.

The meeting will be held in Glasgow on Tuesday 12th March 2019 in Committee Room 9, 18 John St, Glasgow. The keynote speakers will be Tommy Sheridan of Solidarity, and Ron Culley, author of the book “Who Shot Willie MacRae”.

Jock Penman, Co-Convener of Solidarity said: “The circumstances surrounding the death of Willie MacRae stink to high heaven. When Mr MacRae was first found in his car off the A87 by Australian tourists, no gun was found at the scene. When he was transported to hospital in Aberdeen, it was discovered that he had been shot in the back of his neck (not the right temple as ‘officially’ stated) with the bullet still lodged in his brain.

“The subsequent police investigation was a complete farce. They moved his car the following day and no record was kept of the precise location where his car was found. The position stated by them was later found to be a mile from the actual location, based on the information of a witness.

“Despite there being no weapon at the scene when Mr MacRae was found, a .22 pistol, which had been fired twice and belonging to Mr MacRae, was found the following day, 60 feet from the vehicle. No fingerprints were found on the gun and Mr MacRae was not wearing gloves.

“Despite this, incredibly, the outcome of the Police investigation was that his death was suicide!

Tommy Sheridan, Political Advisor for Solidarity said: At the time of his death, he had been working to counter plans to dump nuclear waste from Dounreay into the sea, and on land at Mulwharcher in South Ayrshire. He always carried a briefcase containing documents relating to his work, due to his house and office being burgled on several occasions. These documents apparently constituted very damaging and irrefutable evidence against the Government, regading their plans to dump nuclear waste.

He kept his briefcase with him at all times, yet following his death, the briefcase was never found. His office, which contained the only copies of the documents, was again broken into and those documents were taken. No other items were taken.

“After his death, it would have been normal practice for a Fatal Accident Inquiry to be convened. This never happened. It is absolutely incredulous and reeks of a cover up.

“Despite a number of politicians requesting that the investigation into the death of MacRae is reopened, they have all been rebuffed. In 2006, Elish Angiolini, the then Solicitor General, denied that he was under surveillance by the secret service at the time of his death, yet a private investigator, a former police officer, later claimed that he had been anonymously employed to keep Mr MacRae under surveillance only weeks before he died.

“Angiolini also stated that she was satisfied that a thorough investigation into the case had been carried out. Even a blind man can see that this is complete nonsense”!

“There is a clear case to justify a new, proper investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death takes place”!


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