PRESS RELEASE: Solidarity Joins Overwhelming and Widespread Outrage Over PM Suspending Parliament!

For Immediate Release

Wednesday 28th August 2019

The actions of the UK Prime Minister today to suspend the Westminster Parliament should disturb everyone who values democracy.

It is obvious to most political commentators, even those in the Westminster propaganda machine, that this manoeuvre is designed to cut off any opposition to a No-Deal Brexit.

Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon MSP, has described it as “the death of democracy”. Solidarity is of the same opinion, at least where the governance of the United Kingdom is concerned.

Solidarity calls on the SNP to initiate IndyRef2 as soon as possible, to give the Scottish people the opportunity to decide whether we remain under an undemocratic, sham of a parliament or to grasp the opportunity to become independent of it.

Tommy Sheridan, Political Advisor for Solidarity said: Boris Johnson is an entirely undemocratic and therefore illegitimate Prime Minister of the UK. His tenure was secured by the votes of less than 100,000 Tory party members which represents less than one percent of the registered voters in the UK. He is the less than one percent PM and his actions today in suspending Parliament for 5 weeks makes a mockery of both Parliament and democracy.

“Fascism is a process rather than an event. What Johnson has done is suspend and suppress democracy and that is an essential tenet of fascism. All democrats have a duty to resist this fascistic act with all means necessary and the SNP in particular should act with urgency to bring forward emergency legislation to facilitate a new independence referendum to allow Scotland to escape from this developing and sinister coup d’état”.

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