Press Release: Solidarity Withdraws Support for Stand Up To Racism Demonstration

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0001hrs on Monday 11th March 2019

At a meeting of the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the Solidarity Scotland Party, which was held on 10th March 2019, the Committee unanimously agreed to withdraw support for the forthcoming Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) demonstration, due to take place in Glasgow on 16th March 2019.

The SUTR organising committee will, for the third year in a row, welcome two racist Israeli Zionist groups to the demonstration, namely the Glasgow Friends of Israel (GFI) and Confederation of Friends of Israel (COFIS).

These groups support the apartheid policies of the Zionist Israeli government and openly support the oppression of Palestinians. They also have links with extremist right wing groups in the UK, including Britain First and the EDL. They regularly express their hateful views on their social media platforms.

Solidarity finds it incomprehensible that such groups will be welcomed to this demonstration.

Consequently, Solidarity regretfully will not participate or support the SUTR demonstration on 16th March 2019, whilst such repugnant groups are included as part of it.

Solidarity notes that an alternative demonstration is taking place in George Square on 16th March 2019, entitled “Zionism is Racism – Scotland Stand Up”. Solidarity will be supporting that demonstration and will mobilise Party members to take part in it.

Ken Ross, a Party Spokesperson said: “We take the view that it would be absurd for our Party to take part in an anti-racist demonstration, when racist groups are part of it.

“Racism is on the rise, and it is hugely important that we all unite against it. However, the Stand Up To Racism organising committee have caused a great deal of confusion, mistrust and division by welcoming such racist groups to their demonstration.

“Their engagement with these groups; their failure to recognise them as racist organisations; and their refusal to publically express that they are not welcome on their anti-racism demonstration, will not only serve to compromise and dilute the very message the demonstration is trying to convey, but will help to legitimise these groups, who perpetrate the lie that they are anti-racist and pro-peace, which they are clearly not.

“We very much hope that, after a period of reflection, the SUTR committee sees sense, and does not welcome these heinous groups to any future SUTR events”.


This article holds the views of the author and not neccessarily the views of Solidarity as a party
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