** PRESS RELEASE ** Supreme Court Judgement Means Johnson Must Resign and a General Election Must Be Called!

For Immediate Release

Tuesday 24th September 2019

The unanimous judgement of the Supreme Court, that Boris Johnson acted illegally in proroguing Parliament, makes his position as Prime Minister completely untenable.

He must resign with immediate effect and a General Election must be called.

In the wake of these events, the SNP must finally initiate IndyRef2, and do so as soon as possible. The Scottish people must be given the opportunity to decide whether we remain under an undemocratic, sham of a parliament or to grasp the opportunity to become independent of it.

Tommy Sheridan, Political Advisor for Solidarity said: “Boris Johnson is an entirely undemocratic and illegitimate Prime Minister. Less than one percent of the UK voting population voted for him. He has no mandate, no majority and no morals.

“He was a proven liar before being elected by Tory Party members and now his lies have duped the Monarch into an illegal prorogation of Parliament.

“If Johnson does not now resign and face criminal proceedings, then he really is above the law. He is no Hulk, he is Pinocchio. His time is up and a prison cell should now be prepared for him.

Jock Penman, Co-Convener of Solidarity said: What Boris Johnson did was suspend and suppress democracy, which is an essential tenet of fascism. The Supreme Court has unanimously found his actions to be illegal. It is now absolutely unthinkable for him to continue as the Prime Minister. He will go down in history as the shortest serving Prime Minster in British political history.

“The SNP must now act with urgency to bring forward emergency legislation to facilitate a new independence referendum to allow Scotland to escape from this utter corrupt shambles that is Westminster”.


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