PRESS RELEASE: The March for Freedom AUOB March for Independence

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Friday 10th January 2020

The March for Freedom

AUOB March for Independence

Solidarity members and supporters will be joining the hundred thousand or more people in Glasgow on Saturday (11th January 2020), calling for a second Independence referendum for Scotland.

After the SNP returned 48 out of 59 MPs in the recent General Election, it was clear that the people of Scotland not only rejected Westminster rule, but established yet another clear mandate to hold a second referendum.

Saturday’s demonstration, due to be the biggest ever held in Scotland, will send a clear message to the UK Tory Government, that the will of the Scottish people must and will be heard.

Tommy Sheridan, Convener said: “From all over the country, from all walks of life, from all generations and from all progressive political parties and none, over one hundred thousand ordinary Scots will do that extraordinary thing in the name of their children, their communities, their place of birth or choice of home – they will assemble in Glasgow and march for independence.

“On 12th December, the people of Scotland sent a clear message to Westminster, that Boris Johnson’s rabid right-wing Tories have no mandate to govern Scotland, while the mandate to hold a second independence referendum is real, democratic and confirmed four times over.

“The SNP must, therefore, inform Westminster of our intention to exercise our democratic right to hold IndyRef2 in September or October this year, not ask for permission from a party without democratic legitimacy in our nation”.

John Park, the Party Secretary said: “The Scottish independence movement is a rainbow alliance of millions, with different dreams and aspirations for our country once we regain our independence, but it is above all else a progressive movement – a progressive movement that embodies the fine values of equality, fraternity, peace and international cooperation.

“That movement will be out in force to demand our fundamental right to choose our own future – a right that people of all other sovereign nations enjoy. Scotland is no different.

“We want to escape from the horror of the Tories’ cruel and callous welfare and austerity policies, privatisation, inequality, injustice and illegal wars. It is time for Scotland to take its own path of equality, compassion, social justice, peace and inclusiveness.

“Now is the time for Scotland to choose”!


This article holds the views of the author and not neccessarily the views of Solidarity as a party
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