***PRESS RELEASE*** Tommy Sheridan Returns as Convener of Solidarity

For Immediate Release

Saturday 16th November 2019

Tommy Sheridan Returns

as Convener of Solidarity

At the Solidarity’s Annual Conference, held today (Saturday 16th November 2019) at the Pearce Institute in Glasgow, Tommy Sheridan was elected unopposed as the new and returning leader of the party.

Elections also took place for a number of other key positions. The new post holders will make up the new National Executive Committee (see Note to Editors below).

Tommy Sheridan, Convener said: “It is a privilege to once again be elected the leader of Solidarity. We have consistently been the best supported socialist party in Scotland and I hope to build on that.

“There are monumental political challenges in the coming year, not least the drive for Scottish Independence, which will be our priority over the next 12 months. In campaigning for IndyRef2, we will continue to offer constructive support for the SNP in the General Election, as the main vehicle to achieve that goal. We will also advocate a vote for Corbyn’s Labour in England and Wales, apart from the 4 seats held by Plaid Cymru.

“We believe that an independent socialist Scotland, a democratic modern republic, where Scotland is once again a sovereign nation, will not only afford democratic accountability, it will give us the means to prosper and to rid our country of poverty and need.”

John Park, the Party Secretary said: “We are delighted to see Tommy back at the helm. His knowledge, experience and leadership qualities are invaluable and we are very excited that he will now lead the Party in the coming year.

“With the continuing saga of Brexit, as well as the likelihood of another Scottish Independence Referendum, his return as Convener has come at a crucial time.

“As well as the constitutional issues, we must also continue to fight to put an end to Tory austerity once and for all and ensure that the poor and vulnerable in our communities have the support they so badly need”.


This article holds the views of the author and not neccessarily the views of Solidarity as a party
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