Public Meeting Name The Date For Indy Ref2

Come to the meeting and hear Tommy Sheridan articulate his reasons for naming the date for indy ref 2 now.
Tommy is the spokesperson for the Hope over Fear campaign for Scottish independence and has been an advocate of the working class most of his adult life and has been at the forefront of many campaigns over the years for social justice and equality.
In his first year as an Msp he successfully moved a bill in the Scottish parliament banning warrant sales, so certainly knows his way around the political arena. Tommy speaks truth to power and because of this has been targeted by the establishment and the msm over the years. However as the saying goes, “if they attack you, you must be doing something right.”
Come along, and listen to the arguments for “naming the date” from a principled socialist who leads from the front.

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25th July 2019 @ 7pm Carluke Leisure Centre 135 Carnwath Road ML8 4EA

This article holds the views of the author and not neccessarily the views of Solidarity as a party
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