PRESS RELEASE: PUBLIC MEETING: Poll Tax Battle Remembered – 30 Years On

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Friday 5th April 2019

Poll Tax Battle Remembered – 30 Years On

This week saw the 30th anniversaryof the introduction of the Poll Tax in Scotland.
On 1st April 1989, Margaret Thatcher imposed one of her most immoral and onerous policies on the
Scottish people; a policy that would ultimately lead to her downfall.
A mass grass roots movement in opposition to her policy arose. A coordinated campaign of civil
disobedience and non-payment of the tax flourished and was ultimately successful. The tax was
abolished, and with it, the end of Thatcher’s premiership.
A Public Meeting will take place on Saturday 6th April 2019 at the Speakeasy in John St, Glasgow, to
commemorate and celebrate the struggle of so many people. The keynote speaker will be Tommy
Sheridan, Leader of the Scottish Anti-Poll Tax Federation and Chair of the All-Britain Anti-Poll Tax
Tommy Sheridan, ‘Anti-Poll Tax Leader’ and current Political Advisor for Solidarity said: “The
Poll Tax was a cruel and callous Tory policy that targeted ordinary working people and the most
vulnerable in our society. It caused untold suffering and placed families in desperate financial
“The reaction from the people of Scotland, however, was incredible. They were not willing to
accept being the unwilling guinea pigs for the Tories’ heartless policy. They unified, got
organised and fought bravely and vigorously. They supported each other and collectively showed
how effective a grass roots movement can be.
“We should always remember the sacrifices people made and the bravery of so many, in standing
up to Thatcher and showing her the door”!
“The Campaign still has huge relevance and significance today, as it showed how ordinary people
can stand up against a clear injustice, and win, and gives us hope and inspiration to stand up to
the many injustices we face today.

This article holds the views of the author and not neccessarily the views of Solidarity as a party
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