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Article NameDated
Jeremy Corbyn – A Great Socialist21-06-17
Statement on Finsbury Park Terrorist Attack19-06-17
Statement on Manchester and London Attacks05-06-2017
Solidarity Statement on the UK General Election, 8 June 201709-05-2017
Kevin Kane For Kilsyth Fights for Bus Passengers17/04/17
Letter to the Editor – Indy Ref213-03-2017
Kevin Kane for Kilsyth Candidate Website02/03/2017
Solidarity Councillor Condemns Colleagues16-02-17
Solidarity’s Kevin Kane Campaigns for Equality16-02-17
Politics of Envy?23-01-17
Campaign For Clarity – 16+ Candidates19-01-17
The White Paper Project version 1.009-01-17
Tribute to Fidel Castro 1926-201620-2-16
Cuba vs USA – State Executions & Death by Police06-12-16
Non-EU Nationals Kettled by Fortress Europe16/11/16
Defiance Not Compliance for Council Elections 201713/11/16
Solidarity Calls for Scottish Government Inquiry into Policing of Miners’ Strike08/11/2016
Tommy Wins Again – For All of Us4/11/16
Solidarity Executive Committee Statement to Conference 201630/10/16
Solidarity Looks to the Future at Conference30/10/16
How Did They Do It? 2 Uplifting Stories of Victory Against All Odds22/10/16
Solidarity Party Conference with 2 Keynote Speakers – ALL WELCOME21-10-16
Solidarity Supports Exploited Amazon Workers01-10-2016
Solidarity Launches May 2017 Campaign in Fife29-09-16
Solidarity Party Annual Conference October 201612-09-16
Anti-Sheridan Newspaper Reports Tommy’s Victory!21-08-2016
The Curious Case of a Scot who Voted to Leave the European Union… for Non-Racist Reasons16/08/16
Solidarity Supports SPSC Conference 09-08-16
Solidarity Demands IndyRef2 by 201824/6/16
Solidarity Fife Branch Meeting – Abbeyview Community Centre.21/6/16
Myths about EU Workers’ Rights16-6-16
Post-Election All-Members’ Meeting8-6-16
Euro Referendum debate – Kelty7-6-2016
Bill Mair Argues for #Lexit at Common Weal Euro Referendum Debate19-06-16
Solidarity’s Remarkable Progress in SE 201607-05-2016
Manifesto Slide Show01-05-16
Videos of Bill Mair, 2016 lead candidate for Mid-Scotland & Fife29-4-16
Statement of Support for StARLink: the St Andrews Rail Link Campaign.02-05-2016
Solidarity Only Standing Left Party for #Lexit20-04-16
Interview with Bill Mair Solidarity List Candidate for Mid-Scotland & Fife08-04-2016
Solidarity Lead Candidates for 20162/4/16
Solidarity Submits Full List of Candidates Across Scotland31/3/16
Solidarity on the Streets Saturday Speaking about Scottish Service Tax27/3/16
Gail Sheridan reveals MSP bid and why she’s standing for election to Holyrood25/3/16
The Great Sewage Farm Analogy20-03-16
billmairsolidarity Blog Post About Scottish Service Tax16/03/16
Unique Gaza & West Bank Palestine Event – Crisis in Palestine: Is this the Third Intifada?11/3/16
Levity and Revelation at Perth Solidarity Talk11-03-16
Solidarity Position on EU Fully Explained3/3/16
Tommy Sheridan Nails D’Hondt Voting System in Just Seven Minutes21-02-16
Solidarity Position on SPFL Funding Bid for Facial Recognition Equipment29/2/16
Solidarity Position on Europe22/02/16
Bill Mair Expounds Sheridan's Scottish Service Tax in Alloa17/02/2016
Surprise in Alloa Solidarity Meeting 11-02-2016
Solidarity Fife says Refugees ARE Welcome Here17/2/16
Freedom for Palestine, Abolish the Prevent Programme and Refugees ARE Welcome here07-02-16
<a href="http://solidarity.scot/GAIL’S BID FOR PARLIAMENT05-02-2016
Tommy Sheridan dissects the D’Hondt voting system01-02-2016
Tommy Sheridan Launches Glasgow Campaign01-02-2016
How the pen masters the sword and tells us what to think28-01-2016
Clacks Candidates Claim Clairvoyance!22-01-2016
Solidarity Stands With Palestine26-01-2016
Solidarity Suggests Solution to NHS Drugs Price Rises: Nationalise Big Pharma19-01-16
Gail Sheridan confirms that she will be Tommy’s Campaign Manager.17-01-16
Solidarity's Response to NHS Scotland Budget Crises15-01-16
15-minute version of Bill Mair podcast17-01-16
Bill Mair Podcast Interview13-01-16
In Solidarity Against Offensive Behaviour (but only) At Football11-01-16
The Mouldy Old Dough of Europe09-01-16
Heroic Inspiration07-01-16
Why All Christians Should Be Socialists04-1-16
Anti-Racist Scottish Independence04-01-16
Bill Mair Speaks on Solidarity’s Anti-Austerity Policy – Video03-01-16
Fray at FRAE Fife Forum as Solidarity Slams Scottish Police31-12-15
Solidarity Delegation Visit to Palestine October 201531-12-15
Solidarity with People’s Assembly Against Sports Direct31-12-15
Stop Bombing Syria: Letter to Press31-12-15
Visit to Kos July 2015 – Solidarity With Refugees31-12-15
Solidarity SSM Fife Supports Unfairly Sacked Postal Worker, David Mitchell19-12-15
Solidarity SSM Falkirk Branch hosting a Burns Supper Evening of entertainment18-12-15
Solidarity Supports Anti-CETA Campaigners17-12-15
Solidarity magnanimous about potential pinching of policy16-12-15
Don’t Bomb Syria: Letter to National Press02-12-15
Solidarity: “Amazon Is A Thief” Boycott Call25-11-15
Fuel Wars – Part 1: Fracking and Unconventional Gas09-10-15
No Simple Matter28-08-15
The game is “rigged”: Why Scotland has to escape the UK energy market to fulfill its green energy potential27-08-15
An open Letter to Nicola Sturgeon regarding the treatment of ESA claimants21-08-15
Tommy Sheridan answers a few questions from Women with Equal Voices19-08-15
Bill Mair answers a few questions from Women with Equal Voices19-08-15
All Welcome to Solidarity National Conference25-01-2016
Solidarity Dismayed at George Galloway's Appearance with Nigel Farage20-02-16
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