PEOPLE FIRST Welfare Cuts and the Rights of the Child
Over 500,000 children in Scotland will be affected by Tory welfare cuts pushing more families into poverty, this as a result of cuts to tax credits and housing benefit. The number of families relying on tax credits in Scotland is a staggering 352000 of these 194000 are working families. The highest numbers receiving Tax Credits are in Glasgow with 60% of households followed by the area where I live, North Ayrshire with 56%.
These cuts are in direct contravention of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, a disgrace in this day and age for a wealthy country. Of course we all know that the Torys have no shame when it comes to punishing the poor and vulnerable.
Solidarity believes that working families  should earn a living wage of at least £10 an hour, with families on benefits receiving the equivalent of a living wage.
Solidarity members will be organising street stalls and public meetings up and down the country to campaign against austerity and for a living wage.

Visit our website for details of activities in your area and join us in the fight against poverty and austerity.
Rosemary Byrne
Co-convenor Solidarity