The SNP hierarchy’s new Plan to pursue an Independence Referendum for Scotland is doomed to fail, and they know it.

The 11 point plan gives Indy supporters nothing new and is merely a repeat of previous promises.

After almost 7 years since the last referendum, the SNP hierarchy have attained no less than six mandates and made promises to hold IndyRef2 in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and now 2023!

Crucially in that time, they have refused to even discuss any other option, other that requesting permission from the UK Government, through a Section 30 Order.

Now, they are referring to their plan to hold a unilateral referendum as being “legal”, and are egging on the Tories to challenge them, which they inevitably will.

This is the latest in long line of unfulfilled promises and the independence movement is getting to the point of having enough.

Tommy Sheridan, Solidarity National Convener said: “Over the past six years, the SNP Government has attained no less than six mandates to pursue IndyRef2 and failed to act on any of them.

“They wasted four and a half years trying to stop Brexit in England & Wales, who’s people democratically voted for it, rather than use their mandates to pursue a Second Independence Referendum!

“Now they have come up with this so called “Road Map to a Referendum”. The people of Scotland don’t want a Road Map to a Referendum, they want a Road Map to Independence!

“Over half the population of Scotland now wants the forthcoming Scottish Parliament elections to be a plebiscite for independence.

“If the SNP hierarchy is serious about independence, they can simply recognise that, include it in their Election Manifesto, and if a majority vote for Independence supporting Parties, then independence can be declared and an application to the UN can be made for international recognition. It’s that simple”! “Anything less is not good enough”!

Ken Ross, Solidarity Assistant National Secretary said: “The warning signs of the SNP Hierarchy’s failure to commit to independence have been there for all to see for some time.

“They wasted four and a half years trying to stop Brexit in England & Wales; they prioritised pursing controversial GRA and Hate Crime Bills, rather than putting independence at the forefront of their agenda; and only a few months ago, at their virtual Conference, they blocked no less than 38 Motions seeking to discuss a Plan B alternative to asking permission from the UK Government.

“You would also think they would be pursuing every legal avenue possible, in pursuit of independence, yet they are opposing the current Court action by Martin Keatings, who is arguing that the Scottish Parliament does not need permission from the UK Government, through a Section 30 Order.

“If they were truly serious about trying to get independence then you would expect that that would have been an action they would have supported, if not raised themselves, instead of opposing it, in order to put the legality of a referendum proposal beyond doubt, before promising it ahead of the Scottish Parliament elections.

“The Tories will almost certainly challenge any such unilateral referendum in the courts, which could put back any progress towards independence, years. The SNP hierarchy must know this.

“Independence supporters are becoming more and more frustrated. The SNP hierarchy must pursue independence without any further delay instead of being concerned with maintaining power within Scotland, whilst promising “Jam Tomorrow”!
This article holds the views of the author and not neccessarily the views of Solidarity as a party
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