Solidarity Day School Event 28th April 2018


Day School in celebration of two giants of socialism:

Karl Marx – 5th May 1818 – 200th Anniversary

Karl Marx was the most influential figure in history, analysing and explaining how capitalist society developed and how it works.  A brilliant philosopher and economist, he is universally demonised by those who support the free market of capitalism; which also means the exploitation of workers by those who own and control capital.

Philip Stott will explain some of Marx’s theories in a way that those attending may understand it better; so this will be an extremely important session for those who wish to understand, not only capitalism but socialism too.

James Connolly – 5th June 1868 – 150th Anniversary.

Connolly is also demonised by those who oppose socialism.  Apologists for the British Establishment would have us believe that he was a mad terrorist but he was one of the finest socialists this country has ever produced.  The British Army, under orders from Westminster, tortured him and tied him to a chair so he could be shot for his part in the 1916 Uprising.  He was an inspirational figure who wrote some brilliant pamphlets, books and articles, explaining socialism.

Tommy Sheridan will describe the life and times of a man whose life should be celebrated by all socialists, everywhere.

By Jock Penman


This article holds the views of the author and not neccessarily the views of Solidarity as a party
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