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Saturday 19th September 2019




Solidarity believes the 2021 Holyrood election is the most significant in the new Parliament’s twenty-one-year history. This election will determine Scotland’s future and will historically be referred to as the Independence Election. Should the Scottish people elect an independence supporting majority next May it will make IndyRef2 inevitable in 2021 and given the consistent and significant lead for YES in an unprecedented eight successive opinion polls independence will be the outcome of that new referendum.

In these circumstances uniting the pro-independence 2nd vote in those elections is imperative. In 2016 almost one million 2nd votes for SNP were not just wasted votes but actually assisted unionists to get elected. Despite attracting 953,000 2nd List votes the SNP failed to secure a single List seat in six of the eight regional list areas. In fact they won only 4 list seats across Scotland and three of them came in South Scotland region and the other in the Highlands and Islands. Despite 111,101 2nd votes in the city of Glasgow region the SNP won not a single list seat but unionist parties won six of the seven list seats available, the other went to the Greens.

In 2021 the independence minded voters must be encouraged to use both their votes for independence. 1st vote SNP and 2nd vote for an independence supporting alternative to absolutely maximise the effectiveness of the YES vote. No more wasting 2nd votes and allowing unionists to sneak into the Parliament to talk Scotland down and deny us our democratic right to IndyRef2.

In these special circumstances Solidarity agreed to join the Alliance For Independence project to unite as many of the smaller independence parties as possible. In so doing we encourage other independence supporting parties like the Greens, SSP, ISP and others to follow suit.

Solidarity: Scotland’s Socialist Movement

Maximum unity behind the YES parties is absolutely essential in 2021. Voting for independence with both votes is imperative this time. Maximum unity of independence supporting voters will not only deliver more independence supporting MSPs but significantly reduce the number of useless unionists sent to Holyrood.

Voting SNP 1st vote and an alternative independence candidate with the 2nd vote is a win, win strategy for the independence movement.


This article holds the views of the author and not neccessarily the views of Solidarity as a party
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