The Final Countdown Rally 21st September 2019 ( FREEDOM SQUARE )

The recent announcement from the Scottish Government that they are preparing to use the “triple lock mandate,” delivered by the people of Scotland, in autumn of 2020 and the polls showing a steady rise for a Yes vote, the rally is designed to launch the “Final Countdown” to a successful Yes vote in #indyref2.
On October 12th 2014 Hope over Fear organised a hugely successful rally in George (Freedom)Square, Glasgow to help lift the spirits of the Yes family, after the disappointment of the referendum, and to declare that far from being over, in the words of Gerry Cinnamon in his Hope over Fear anthem, “its only the start of the show.”
We gave a commitment that day, to return to “Freedom Square” annually on or around September 18th until Scotland achieves full Independence, and we continue to honour that commitment.
There will be no marching, just a traditional gathering of the broad Yes family where you can spend a couple of hours catching up with old friends and making new ones, while being entertained by a variety of talented performers who have been consistent in their support for Scottish Independence, writing and producing songs of freedom and social justice to further the cause. There will also be new young performers who weren’t old enough to vote in the last referendum and of course kids entertainment to keep the bairns amused. There will also be inspiring speeches from some politicians and from well known commentators from within the Yes family.

Our volunteers work tirelessness all year round, whether it be organising fundraisers,

CLICK HERE FOR EVENT PAGE  or travelling the country to Yes events at their own expense to sell merchandise, in order to cover the costs of this annual event. Every penny raised goes towards the cause.

We also do one crowdfund-er a year to help with the costs.
If you are able to, please consider making a donation to the event here


Please invite and share the event with all in your contact list.

Thank you
Hope over Fear

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