The Israel, Iran and US Problem

It’s happened. The start of a possible war between the United States and Iran. In June of last year, I talked about how donors to Trump (specifically Sheldon Adelson) and Trump, himself, had talked about an interest or support of attacking Iran. Trump, for years, talked about ripping up the Iran deal, knowing this could push the two countries to war. But right wing supporters of Trump dismissed that idea. Considering Trump to be the peaceful alternative to Clinton. We finally found out how untrue that was. There’s only one difference between Clinton and Trump. Clinton would’ve done something similar to this with opposition. Trump is doing this with support.

So what’s happened? Two weeks ago, Netanyahu went public with “news” of Iran withholding information on their nuclear weapons program. The evidence presented suggested these lies were up until 2003. 15 years ago. So already, there’s amped up animosity between two countries that have always hated each other. Roughly a week later, Trump pulls out of the Iran deal. Iran point blank refuse to renegotiate at all.

At this point, Iran has been attacked by countries who are allies with each other. The only thing that hadn’t happened was any military action between the 3 countries. That changed a day or 2 later when attacks were traded between Iran and Israel.  And now, the US is imposing sanctions on Iran and accusing the head of Iran’s central bank of being a terrorist.

The people of the US should be aware that a war with Iran will be much more disastrous than Iraq and Afghanistan ever was. It will be bloodier, it will be more expensive, it will be longer. It will also involve a bunch of other countries that the US doesn’t want to be involved. The United States has a lot of enemies. These enemies are becoming increasingly more tired with Trump’s irrational actions. It’s harder and harder, now, to argue that other countries won’t ally themselves to defeat the United States. And they’re likely to win.

Trump is a world danger. The fact that nothing disastrous has happened already is, frankly, shocking. But he’s pushing his luck and his power hungry mind state will eventually be his downfall. I suggest the American people heed the warnings of US security officials and stand against Trump’s crazy obsession with an Iran war.

Craig Duncan 

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