The Cambridge Dictionary online describes the informal definition of ‘tripe’ as:

ideas, suggestions, or writing that are stupid, silly, or have little value”

An objective survey of Donald Trump’s turgid Tweets, tortuous press briefings and countless cosy Fox TV interviews would lead you to conclude that the word ‘tripe’ was tailor made for him. The only weakness in the description is the absence of dangerous effect and malignant outcomes. For Donald Trump is not just some rich and spoiled bozo shouting his mouth off and being summarily dismissed and ignored by ordinary thinking human beings he is the elected President of the most powerful, most armed and most dangerous country on the planet. What he says matters and has consequences so his ‘tripe’ is not just ‘stupid’ and ‘silly’ it is also dangerous.

Trump will face a re-election campaign next November 2020 and on behalf of all humanity the American people must deliver us from further evil and elect someone who actually speaks sense and promotes values like equality, social solidarity and world peace. That someone is Vermont Senator and self-declared democratic socialist, Bernie Sanders.

Commenting on Trump’s launch of his 2020 re-election campaign in Orlando on 18th June Sanders said it was a difficult and excruciating experience to have to watch and listen to President Trump speak for 90 minutes as it was nothing more and nothing less than a pack of:

lies, distortions and total, absolute nonsense

Trump is certainly consistent if nothing else. A consistent liar. The Washington Post newspaper felt compelled to establish a properly resourced and transparent Fact Checker service in the aftermath of Trump’s election in 2016 as they could not cope with his tsunami of lies and false claims. As of 29th April 2019 those false claims surpassed the 10,000 mark. The Fact Checker service identified 10,111 false statements in an 828-day period, amounting to an average of 12 false statements a day

Of course Trump’s false statements each day are not always original. They are false statements repeated over and over again. Work on building the wall at the Mexican border has been repeated 160 times; billions of dollars being lost to the US because of trade deals has been repeated 147 times; implementation of the biggest tax cut in American history has been spouted 143 times. All proven falsehoods

No longer is it just left wing socialists like me and Bernie Sanders who call Donald Trump a liar. Many in the corporate mainstream media simply can’t ignore the reality any longer and are reluctantly compelled by fear of continued ridicule to stop calling a spade a shovel and start calling Trump a liar:

A recent sampling courtesy of the Washington Post is very instructive:

  • CNN: “The Mueller report: A catalogue of 77 Trump team lies and falsehoods.”
  • Minneapolis Star Tribune: “President Trump lies to troops about pay raise.”
  • Financial Times: “The real reason Donald Trump lies.”

Los Angeles Times: “Mueller report exposes all the president’s liars.”

The old adage: ‘How can you tell when a politician is lying? They move their lips’ is no longer funny when the reality of Trump is soberly assessed. He has taken the political profession even deeper into the sewer of lies, distortions and half-truths it inhabits and pulled off the biggest con of them all in 2016 when he promoted himself as the ‘anti-Establishment’ candidate, the ‘champion of the ordinary American’. He constantly promised to ‘drain the swamp’ in reference to the political elites and the corruption, nepotism and privileges the out of touch political classes bestow upon themselves in service to big business and the military industrial complex in the US which in reality runs the show.

Trump’s single biggest selling point was he wasn’t a politician. It didn’t win him the popular vote across America as he received 3 million less votes than Hilary Clinton but he won enough of the key States to secure the keys to the White House. Sure many of those who voted for him were as bigoted and ignorant as him in relation to issues like immigration, the economy and international relations but millions voted for him out of frustration at being left behind economically and expected to survive on declining incomes in the face of increased housing, fuel and food costs while the richest in America were protected and cosseted by the elected politicians.

In 2009 I sat in the Celebrity Big Brother (CBB) House with American rap star Coolio and famed singer Latoya Jackson as we watched the inauguration speech of the first ever black President, Barack Obama. Coolio cried that night. Like Obama his grandparents had been from families steeped in slavery and therefore the sight of a black man winning the Presidency was a momentous occasion for him. I remember being slated by Davina, the CBB presenter, during my House eviction interview for suggesting to Coolio that Obama may not be the answer to America’s deep inequality of income and opportunity problem amongst the black and poor communities as he was well supported by many big business interests. I urged caution in relation to expectations.

Obama served the richest in America first and foremost and deployed drones to kill hundreds across the middle east and illegally manufactured the justification for the disastrous invasion of Libya which resulted in the mob murder of elected President Muammar Gaddafi. He also stringently applied US immigration laws and presided over the detention of in excess of 40,000 children separated from their illegal immigrant parents at the US-Mexico border in detention camps. The very same camps and inhumane treatment we rightly condemn Trump for deploying today was initiated by Obama back in 2014

When I met with Coolio again in September 2017 and took him along to see the famous Glasgow Celtic football team at Parkhead in Glasgow I discussed the disappointment felt in many black communities at the record in government of Obama and the shocking election of Trump 12 months earlier. Coolio was saddened by the lack of real change under Obama but in relation to the Trump election he said ‘the alternative on offer was hardly any better’.

There is the rub. The political system in America is rotten to the core. We know it is corporate run and owned. That the two party system is rigged to favour the survival of capitalism first and always. That only the millionaires get a chance to run for big office. That the lack of a genuine workers’ party in a country of so many workers is shocking. But the Democratic Party had the chance in 2016 to reject the old stale politics of the ‘swamp’ so effectively lampooned by Trump and select radical outsider Bernie Sanders to fight him.

Sanders is a lifelong advocate of workers’ rights, women’s rights, universal healthcare and anti-illegal wars and invasions. Sanders really does want to ‘drain the swamp’ he doesn’t just say it for effect. He would have been a real anti-Establishment candidate and he would have exposed Trump for the fraud he is. But the rich coterie at the head of the Democrats couldn’t stomach someone so authentically anti-big corporations and for the workers. They rigged the selection process to stop Sanders from winning and ensured pro-big business, pro-Iraq war, pro-Libya invasion, pro-Syria invasion warmonger Hilary Clinton was selected. Even some of her principal female promoters in 2016 now admit that’s what happened:

The DNC was meant to be neutral in the contest between Mrs Clinton and her Democratic challenger Bernie Sanders, a Vermont senator.

But supporters of Mr Sanders have long claimed the party showed preference to Mrs Clinton.

Ms Brazile says the deal was “not a criminal act”, but “compromised the party’s integrity

The race to win the Democratic Party nomination to fight Trump for the Presidency in 2020 is now underway. It is a large field and undoubtedly some of the candidates are head and shoulders above Trump politically but Sanders is the stick on man for the job. Current front runner right now is former Vice-President under Obama, Joe Biden. It would be an act of lunacy to select him. He is of the exact same mould of Hilary Clinton. He is not an anti-Establishment candidate as he represents the Establishment. It would be like the fatal mistake of taking a knife to a gunfight highlighted by Malone (Sean Connery) in the classic ‘The Untouchables’ (1987).

Trump is not going to play by the rules. We have already established his credentials as a pathological liar. He won’t be beaten by someone who represents no change. That was the commitment Biden gave to rich donors recently. Don’t worry. Under me “nothing will fundamentally change

Well millions of ordinary Americans are desperate for change. Real change. A proper living wage. A universal healthcare system. Real investment in clean energy production and the resultant jobs boost. Diverting billions from arms production into socially useful production. Taxing the billionaires and millionaires properly. Ensuring the multi-billion corporations like Amazon, which made close to $11 billion profits last year but paid not a cent of federal income tax, actually pay tax on their profits. Cancelling the crippling student debt payments which keep millions in poverty and investing in an education system based on merit not on wealth. Building millions of new and affordable homes. Calling out corrupt corporations like big Pharma, health insurance and armaments companies. Seeking peaceful relations and honest dialogue with other nations across the globe not exploitation and the threat of invasion.

These are the changes Bernie Sanders stands for and has promoted all his adult life. Sanders oozes integrity and epitomises honesty. The millionaires and billionaires in big business despise him and all he stands for but he has connected with millions of ordinary Americans hungry for change, particularly younger Americans. He is the anti-dote to Trumps’ slick lying machine. Sanders did very well in 2016 and was actually cheated out of the Democratic Party nomination. Millions have suffered as a result of that mistake. This time he can win the nomination and the contest.

Bernie has raised more money and support this time than 4 years ago and he is the progressive, visionary and radical candidate with the unique selling point – he means what he says. Check him out at His slogan is “Not me. Us” and he has the potential to not just improve America but improve the world. He deserves support from every progressive within the US and everyone with a belief in humanity outside it. His list of grassroots, civil rights, trade union, environmental and justice campaign backers is highly impressive. So is his celebrity endorsements from the likes of actors Susan Sarandon, Danny DeVito, Danny Glover and, perhaps most significantly of all, Mark Ruffalo. With Hulk on his side how can he lose? #Bernie2020

This article was written by our Political Adviser,  Tommy Sheridan and does not necessarily reflect the viewpoint or policy of Solidarity as a whole

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