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Tommy Sheridan on Independence - Methilhill, 23 April, 2014

Tommy Sheridan, speaks about Independependence at Methilhill Bowling Club, Fife. 

Ian Hamilton QC and Tommy Sheridan - Oban, 14 April, 2014

Three standing ovations for two of Scotland's legends. The atmosphere in the packed hall was electric.
Listen as almost 500 people respond to the passion and emotion of Tommy Sheridan and Ian Hamilton. 

YES KELTY - Kelty, 27 May, 2014

Tommy Sheridan on Sunday Politics - 14 Sep, 2014

Tommy Sheridan and Andrew Neil.
Neil reduced to sneers.  Viewed ovwe 120,000 times.

Tommy Sheridan vs Michael Portillo - 14 Sep, 2014

Michael portillo thinks Scotland is a land of Subsidy, Tommy Sheridan shows the facts that Scotland is a 'Net contributor' and does it in style.
Perhaps if there were more Tommy Sheridan's in Westminster there wouldn't be as much poverty, foodbanks and we might not be holding the '4th most unequal country in the developed world' status!

BBC Bias Protest - 28 July, 2014

Tommy Sheridan Speaking on Scottish Independence - Airdrie 7th Nov 2017


Tommy Sheridan on RT America - Divided Kingdom: One Year Since Brexit - 24 Jun 2017


Tommy Sheridan’s Vision of an Independent Socialist Scotland


Tommy Sheridan on the voting system for 2016 Scottish Elections

Tommy on the voting system for the Scottish Elections 2016 How it works. Speaking at the Yes Cafe Liberton, Edinburgh


Tommy Sheridan on Independence - Kircaldy, 23 Jan, 2014

 "Dedicated to Elaine Smith, a fine Fife woman who sadly died of Cancer shortly before Christmas." - Tommy Sheridan.
Tommy Sheridan, Socialist and former member of the Scottish Parliament, talks about the reasons to vote Yes in 2014. 


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