Why Did I Join Solidarity

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Pat Lee

People ask “Pat, why did you get involved with Solidarity?”

It was really simple to answer.

Being a member of a large National Party. I had become a passive politician, but during the referendum, I witnessed ordinary people trying to engage in the political debate, being denigrated and to a certain extent trolled on social media.

This stirred my passions to stand up against injustices being perpetrated on these individuals. It was during the campaign that I came across Biased BBC The Peoples Voice Peaceful Protests.

The organisers were asked to organise the third protest outside the BBC Scottish HQ at Pacific Quay Glasgow. A week before the protest was to take place, the organisers were being trolled and dismissed. By either people who were only wishing to jump on the bandwagon and hijack this protest or by the establishment, who wanted to disrupt the togetherness of the supporters of the event.

This injustice drove me to get involved and the more the MSM deliberately played down the effect we were having, the more active I was determined to become.

As I stated earlier, I had become a passive politician, I was now an active politician.

We went on to have eight successful rallies culminating in over 10,000 people congregating in George (Freedom) Square the night before the Referendum.

We were playing our part in attempting to change the political landscape in Scotland.

After attending a Hope Over Fear  meeting in Pather Wishaw, it was a no-brainer. Scotland is a nation disposed to social justice.

I did not believe the SNP were completely committed to taking the actions required, to make the necessary changes to combat this ideological austerity agenda being imposed from Westminster.

And the disjointed Labour party were obviously incapable of fighting them in a true socialist way, as they had publicly announced they would out Austerity & the Tories.

Solidarity supported me throughout the campaigns and General Election.

I had found my political home.

Solidarity calls on those of you, who wish to continue the fight for Independence and maintain the momentum built up over these past three years, to join with us and GET INVOLVED.

The opportunity is here, within Solidarity, to help shape the future of ‘OUR Scotland’, an Independent Socialist Scotland. To help build a new and better Scotland.

By helping to get ‘The peoples Voice’, elected to Holyrood and hold OUR government to account.

Instilling Defiance and not Compliance in OUR seat of Government.

So join us GET INVOLVED and help us build a brighter and more caring future, for our children and our children’s children.

It all starts with US and an Independent Socialist Scotland.



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